SF-750 Good operation battery ULV cold fogging machine for pest control



I.Basic working principle

The Battery-Operated ULV Cold Fogger uses a high-power super speed brushless DC motor, the high-speed motor can drive the fan blade to produce high-speed rotary cutting airflow, at the same time, pressurized to the solution tank to make the solution delivery to the micro nozzle according to constant flow rate and high-speed airflow, under the common action of high-speed rotary cutting airflow and special structure of nozzle, the liquid is broken into tiny fog particles.

II.Operation instructions

1.Fill the solution or disinfectant into the tank and fasten the tank cap.

Attention:The solution don’t exceed maximum capacity 2.5L .

2.First, turn on the power switch on the side of the device,confirm the battery capacity is enough.

3.When finish spraying the solution, remove the residual liquid and clean the tank with water, add a little water in the tank and adjust the regulator to max. Delivery, turn on the machine, spray 1-2mins water to avoid the solution block and corrode the nozzle and piping.


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