YF-500 New design hospital elextric fogger sprayer sterile fogging machine



I.Basic Working Principles

ULV Cold Fogger using the high-power universal motor. The rotation of the fan blades to generate high-speed rotary cutting air. At the same time, the motor increases the pressure of the solution and send them to the confluences of the well-designed nipple and the high-speed air. The combined effect of high-speed rotary cutting air and the special-structured nipples resulted in the solution splits into small fog droplets.

II.Operation lnstructions

1.Fill the tank with mixed solution then fasten the tank cap.

Kindly note:

A.DO NOT submerge the check valve into the tank/solution.

B.DO NOT overfill, max volume for the tank is 5L, or it may damage the motor.

2.Plug in and connect the power

Kindly noted:

All the machines are equipped with leakage protectors, and you need to press the trial button and check if it can automatically power off before using; if it can power off, press the reset button then the machine is all good and you can start to use it. If not, you need to change the new cable.

Please do not disassemble the cable privately.

3.Press the switch and turn on the machine.

4.You can adjust the particle size by rotating the adjusting knob on the spray-head.

5.After use, please clean up the residual solution and wash the tank with clean water,then pour out. Refill the tank with some water and turn on the machine to spray with a large flow rate for about 30seconds to avoid nozzle blocking or any corrosion.

Please cut off the power immediately after cleaning and put the machine in safe place and avoid any exposure to wet, sun collision and easy to be reached by children.


1. The flow rate can be adjusted, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

2. The fixed valve can be adjusted up and down 60, which is convenient and labor-saving.

3.4.5L ultra-low capacity, convenient and fast portable design.


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