MJ-4001 Hypochlorite Acid cleaning wipes

Specification: 15 * 19cm / PCS

Raymond Hypochlorite cleaning wipes are available for mother and baby with disinfect and not hurt the skin.

Convenient packing provides a quick and easy way to take baby on the way.



  1. Main ingredients: slightly acidic hypochlorous acid electrolyzed
  2. No alcohol, no preservative, no fluorescent agent, no fragrance
  3. Deep cleaning and no pilling
  4. Plant fiber cloth, low carbon and environmental protection, comfortable to feel
  5. Hand and mouth disinfection, sensitive skin can be used at ease



Raymond Hypochlorous acid disinfection products have obtained qualifications such as REACH report, CE, FDA, MSDS, Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods, Heavy metal content test report, and microbial killing report.
Raymond Hypochlorous acid disinfection products are not dangerous chemicals, they can be transported by air, their germicidal effect is higher than that of alcohol-based disinfectant, and they have no harm to the human body.


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