MJ-6001 Hypochlorous Acid bactericide

Specification: 480ml
Instructions: no need to dilute, surface disinfection, space disinfection, food disinfection

Principle of sterilization:Hypochlorite molecules are contained in human leukocytes,hypochlorite molecules are small neutral molecules that can directly penetrate the microbial cell membrane, enter the cell interior, destroy DNA and cause microbial death.

Raymond Hypochlorous acid bactericide is the Hermes in all disinfectants,the sterilization rate for common pathogenic bacteria is 99.999%.

Raymond Hypochlorous acid bactericide is suitable for spraying disinfection and sterilization in the car, furniture, clothes and articles. It is far away from the damage of the object body, with 99.999% effective sterilization.


  1. 100mg/L concentration
  2. The sterilization effect is higher than alcohol; the sterilization ability is 80-100 times that of 84 disinfectant
  3. It is not dangerous chemicals and can be carried with you


Raymond Hypochlorous acid disinfection products have obtained qualifications such as REACH report, CE, FDA, MSDS, Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods, Heavy metal content test report, and microbial killing report.
Raymond Hypochlorous acid disinfection products are not dangerous chemicals, they can be transported by air, their germicidal effect is higher than that of alcohol-based disinfectant, and they have no harm to the human body.


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