CS-4010 Portable high quality atomize environment fogging machine



Raymond CS-4010 portable high quality atomize environment fogging machine adopts innovative design that the shell is made of reinforced nylon,the cable power is 1350W,the cable length is 10 meters long,the calm range can up to 12 meters and with leakage protector ,which exerting disinfection spraying and guarantee the safety at the same time.


  1. Aerodynamic nozzle design

Effective assurance of spray particle size and jet distance

  1. Vortex air cutter

The atomized particles are fine and uniform,and the diameter of atomized particles is 1 um and 50 um.

  1. Two stage air inlet filtration

Removable and cleanable filter

  1. Disinfectant filter screen

Prevent sundries from entering and blocking the nozzle

  1. Power 1350W

High power,conscience quality,comprehensive disinfection

  1. Reinforced nylon shell

Compared with ordinary ABS plastics,it is more solid,beautiful and safe

  1. Humanized design power line 10 meters long

Power line 10 meters long,get rid of the trouble caused by short line

  1. High efficiency static wind range 10 meters

Saved time and reduce labor cost

Technical Parameter
Model No.CS-4010 electirc motor type
Power of electric motor1350W
Voltage of electric motor220V or 240V
Frequency of electric motor50~60hz
Working temperature0~40℃
Working humidity0~100%
Capacity of solution tank2L
Spray range8-12 meters
Nozzle diameter on the fogger50μm
Extra free nozzle diameter30μm & 10μm
Flow rate5~40min/L
Dimension after packingL59*W19*H26cm
Gross weight after packing4.5KG


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