RMD-DT02A Sanitizer Tunnel

This equipment is powerful, adopts, light wave sterilization, 360 ° all-round sterilization and anti-virus technology, atomized nozzles are densely covered inside the door frame, and matrix-type dead-end whole-body sterilization. Humanized, reasonable layout, will not cause discomfort to the respiratory tract and other organs.

At the same time, the human body temperature alarm and the thermal imaging body temperature detector can be added to detect the body temperature of the personnel.

The disinfection solvent is food-grade, and non-contact disinfection is adopted for passing persons and articles.

The overall stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion and deformation, and can be easily moved. 220V / 110V, convenient to switch, simple to operate, economical and environmentally friendly, used directly after purchase, saves time and labor, and is suitable for schools, hotels, stations, shopping malls and other crowded places.


Product performance features:

  1. Intelligent 8-inch LCD, body temperature display and face comparison function;
  2. Automatic induction spray function, thinning throttling, do not hurt the human skin;
  3. Face recognition, visitors, temperature measurement, attendance function in one;
  4. High precision infrared thermal imaging module temperature measurement, abnormal voice sound light alarm;
  5. The hand intelligent non-contact spray sterilizer is safe and hygienic and effective in killing the opponent.
  6. Disinfection function of sole and wheel;
  7. The whole machine is easy to move;
  8. The automatic induction of personnel passing function;
  9. Removable ramp pedal, suitable for all kinds of people to pass, convenient access; 

Product export Description:

  1. 20GP standard cabinet is adopted; internal dimension: L: 5.898m x W: 2.352mx H: 2.385m; external dimension: L: 6.058m x W: 2.438m x H: 2.591m; 20 sets of this product can be loaded in one standard cabinet (it is not necessary to punch wooden boxes for goods that normally walk in one cabinet).
  2. This product needs to be loaded in 20gp and 40gp cabinets.
  3. This product is shipped in Lishui, Zhejiang. The nearest port to us is the Shanghai port and Ningbo port.
  4. If the order quantity is less than one cabinet, it needs to be packed in a wooden case. The specification after packing is: w 560 * H 1280 * L 2270mm (the price of each wooden case shall be increased by 600 RMB)


Model: RMD-DT02A;

Working power supply: 100-240Vac 50 / 60Hz;      Rated power: ≤ 60W;

Working environment: temperature 0-35 ℃, humidity ≤ 90%;

Nozzle: 8 atomizing nozzles as standard;

Spray mode: automatic induction spray;

Disinfectant: non toxic and tasteless disinfectant;

Lack of liquid indication: support;

Volume of disinfectant: 25L;         Volume of hand sanitizer: 1000ml;

Display: 7 / 8 inch LCD;               Audio: stereo speaker;

Temperature measurement range accuracy: 32-45 ℃ ≤ 0.4 ℃;

Detection method: non-contact, infrared thermal imaging;

Living recognition: support, infrared sensing;

Recognition speed: 200-300ms;        Operating noise: ≤ 38dB;

Channel size: W:900 * H:1950 * L: 700mm;

Overall dimension: W: 1100 * H: 2200 * L: 700mm;

Package size: W560 * H:1280 * L: 2270mm;

Net weight of equipment: 95.5kg; floor area: 0.77m2;

Gross weight of equipment: 137kg (including packing box);

Service hotline: 4006-752-752; Brand: Yatong technology;


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