RMD-DT02C Sanitizer Tunnel


  1. This product is only suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  2.  There shall be no large metal and strong magnetic field within 2m around the installation site to avoid interference.
  3. The installation site shall be as far away from power line and communication cable as possible.
  4. The probe shall not be installed in high temperature and humid environment.
  5. Each temperature measurement channel is attached with a warranty, which is free of charge during the warranty period.
  6. Do not dismantle the components on the electrical control box without permission.
  7. After the temperature measurement channel is started, it must be preheated for 2 minutes to achieve the best detection effect.
  8.  Avoid collision with the door when people pass.

Application Places 

  1.  Used in emergency public health events, body spray disinfection is carried out on objects, such as pets, goods and other objects passed through public space entrance, and body temperature is detected by non-contact detection.
  2. Temperature measurement inspection at airports, customs, ports, stations, schools, factories, construction sites and other places.
  3. Entrance inspection of important public places such as important places, exhibition halls, trade fairs, business activities, celebrations, stadiums, etc.


1.Infrared human body temperature measurement, sound and light alarm

High precision infrared spectrum sensor, calibrated by blackbody radiation source,  can be used to measure body temperature remotely without contact, which can effectively avoid cross infection, normal voice prompt of body temperature, voice prompt of overheating alarm of body temperature.

2.Intelligent display

The temperature display can adjust the temperature difference of seasonal changes  and display the human body temperature more accurately

3.hand washing intelligent spray disinfection

The temperature measuring area is equipped with intelligent induction sprayer. It has no contact induction spray, is safe and sanitary, and can effectively disinfectate the opponent's part.

4. Automatic induction ultrasonic fog, stop when people walk

The equipment port is equipped with a microwave sensor, which can sense that someone enters, start the fog maker automatically, spray disinfectant into the channel, and stop automatically after leaving to avoid waste of liquid.

5. Equalizing spray box, thinning throttling, not damaging facial organs.

 In the disinfection channel, a balanced spray method is adopted, which does not directly spray the human facial organs. The fog is more refined and does not cause waste.

6. Bottom circulating waste liquid tank, centralized collection of waste liquid

There is a circulation tank inside the disinfection channel, which can collect and dispose the surplus disinfection liquid in a centralized way, so as to avoid the  pollution to the surrounding environment

7. Equipment status reminder function

The equipment has status reminders such as work, lack of liquid, light and voice, so that the equipment management staff can accurately grasp the operation status of the equipment. Real time trend of various personnel

8. Automatic fluid filling function

The equipment is equipped with a large capacity liquid storage tank with liquid alarm function to avoid damage to the atomization equipment due to lack of liquid, and the atomization tank is automatically filled with liquid and stops automatically, which can meet the daily usage

9. External ramp pedal

Anti-skid pedal is set at the entrance and exit of the equipment, which is convenient for the elderly, children, wheelchair and passengers to and from

10. Lighting auxiliary function

Fully considering the use of different scenes, LYD waterproof lamp is set in the passage, which can be used at night or in a dark place

11. Quick layout and transfer function

There are four casters and brakes at the bottom of the equipment, which can quickly arrive at the designated place for quick installation. The equipment uses 220V household alternating current, and its function is less than 800W. The installation is simple and fast. It only needs to connect the plug row and fill in the disinfectant solution, without the installation and debugging of professional personnel. Theoperation is simple, easy to learn and understand.


Power supply:220V / ACWeight: About 180kgPower:450W

Operating noise:less than 36dB

Working environment:0 ℃ - + 35 ℃ (disinfectant can't be used when it's frozen below 0 ℃)

External dimension:2400mm (H) × 1200mm (W) × 2000mm (L)

Channel size:1950mm (H) × 1100mm (W) × 2000mm (L)

Type of disinfectant:food grade disinfectant 

Volume of disinfectant tank:20 L 

Temperature collection distance:15-20cm 

Temperature collection time:about 2 seconds

Temperaturecollection accuracy:plus or minus 0.5 ℃ at room temperature 

Temperaturecollection location:forehead, wrist inside (non-contact type) 

Temperaturecollection range:34-45 ℃


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