RMD-FG180 Pest Control Fog Machine agricultural spray pump



RMD-FG180 Fogging machine is a new product independently researched and developed by our company, which is currently the world's most advanced product of its kind.
It uses modern rocket technology, with maintenance-free pulse jet engine, without any rotating parts in the whole machine and no need for lubrication system, whose character is simple structure, no wearing between components, low failure rate, long service life, easy maintenance, less fuel consumption, and high working efficiency. It is an ideal high-tech product for pesticide spraying, epidemic prevention and disinfection.
This fogging machine can be widely used for pesticide spraying for crops, economic forest, cotton, greenhouse crops, sanitation and disinfection for warehouse, wharf, army camp, city underground waterways, farms, passenger cars, residential areas and city.


  1. High working efficiency, high killing rate, large spraying range, strong penetration and high safety factor.
  2. All around working without power off, stable performance and reliable.
  3. High efficiency, pesticide-saving, low cost, good diffusibility and high adhesion.
  4. Light weight and easy operation.

Technical Parameter


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