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Raymond Face Recognition Thermometer

Raymond Face Recognition Thermometer integrates the world-class advanced thermal imaging module and the advanced face recognition algorithm of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The system applies thermal imaging principle in face temperature measurement and calculate the body temperature based on the whole face temperature distribution. It speeds up the non-contact body temperature measurement, meanwhile combines near infrared technology and visible light face recognition technology, highly increased the efficiency of vivo detection and the accuracy of face recognition. The system supports 1:1and 1:N mode shift, works under Android 7.1 and the above, is fast, accurate, safe and reliable in face recognition. This equipment is specially using on high speed “face recognition & temperature measurement”, could take the place of traditional body thermometer.

All Raymond face recognition thermometer are suitable for school, dining hall, hospital, office building, custom, government facility, tourist resort, factory, construction site, nursing home.

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Face Recognition Thermometer: the Ultimate FAQ Guide

Here is a list of FAQs that will help you understand everything about the face recognition thermometer.

In fact, they will help you choose the most suitable face recognition thermometer.

Also, they will help you get every answer you want to know about the face recognition thermometer.

Let's get started directly:

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    1. Why you need a Face Recognition Thermometer?

    1. Using a high-performance intelligent processor and face recognition algorithm based on deep learning, the rate of face capture is greatly improved.

    2.Support real-time temperature detection and high-temperature alarm. 3.AI face optimization, face enhancement

    and face exposure to improve image quality.

    4. Support live anti-counterfeiting, based on face biometric recognition, unable to bere placed and copied, and eliminate counterfeiting.

    5.Support multi-face recognition, multi-ethnic recognition, and the largest face recognition mode. The accuracy of face recognition is at the forefront of the industry.

    6. It supports face swiping and card swiping, face swiping or card swiping, face only, card swiping and other recognition methods to meet various needs. 7.Support secondary development: open interface for face recognition algorithm manufacturers and software vendors to do application value-added.

    2. What is Raymond Face Recognition Thermometer?

    1.Support 1:1 and 1:n identification

    1:1 Brush documents to collect real-time portraits, compare the identification of the documents to judge the consistency of the person’s certificate, the accuracy rate is over 99%.

    1:N Collect face information to build a face database and quickly identify the face database with a hit rate of 99.99%.

    2.Non-contact safety detection

    In a non-contact, accurate, reliable, efficient,and non-perceived way, the terminal will issue a warning to those who exceeds normal values and show the relevant numbers.

    3.Body Temperature Abnormality Warning

    After face recognition AI algorithm and temperature data optimization and calibration, the pedestrian frontal temperature is only detected to ensure the accuracy error of ±0.3°C, and the real-time alarm of suspected abnormal body temperature is realized. The system supports the secondary verification of suspected abnormal body temperature.

    Accurate temperature detection in 2-3 seconds/person.

    Non-contact rapid body temperature screening to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

    4.Binocular live face recognition support face mask/hat/glasses recognition

    By associating a portrait library, the subject can realize face recognition without removing face mask/hat/glasses, and can quickly determine the specific identity of the person.

    Near-infrared living body detection, embedded visible light face recognition, adapts to most indoor and outdoor environments, and can quickly identify on the move.

    Detection and tracking for 20ms, passing detection for 300-500ms.

    5.Support standard API interface

    Support standard API interface can be connected with various business systems.

    Support GLAN, WIFI, 3G/4G, realize network connection.

    Automatically record temperature measurement data and generate reports.

    Push real-time local data to achieve cloud management and multi-layer upper-layer applications.

    3. What are the main functions of the Raymond Face Recognition Thermometer?

    • Face recognition and temperature measurement operating in the meantime, fast and accurate
    • Checking on work attendance by face recognition
    • Gate opening IO signal, Wiegand signal, RS485 &RS232 signal control
    • Support offline operation
    • Support visitor appointment, WeChat official account visitor appointment, user’s face registration
    • Support ID card reader
    • Support 1:N verification, 1:N binocular Vivo detection, prevent picture and video invasion
    • Support 1:1 verification, accuracy is 99.99% in ID card comparison
    • High efficiency in 1:N recognition, when face data records are over 5000, the maximum recognition error is 1/10000, accuracy is 99.87%
    • Algorithm of dynamic face recognition and tracking based on the video stream
    • 5000 face pictures and recognitions records offline memory storage
    • Face recognition site pictures storage
    • Support serial port, Wiegand output, output content can be set up.
    • Support offline local network equipment deployment, online HTTP transmission deployment
    • Support fill-light recognition after IR face detection in total darkness ambiance
    • Nighttime fill-light coordinate with a photosensitive sensor
    • Support external QR code scanner, ID/IC card reader
    • Support screen display contents setting, such as company LOGO
    • Support recognition distance setting
    • Support customized ports mounting
    • Recognition height: 1.2-2.2m
    • Recognition distance: 80-120cm
    • Face angle: Horizontal: 30-degree Vertical: 30 degree
    • Recognition technologies: near-infrared Vivo detection, embedded visible light face recognition, adapt most of inside &outside ambiance, high speed recognizing when moving
    • Recognition time: tracking &detection 100ms detection complete 800-1000ms   Accurate temperature measurement: 2-3s/p, maximum error ±0.3℃
    • Statistics display, name display, customized information display
    • Face data records storage: 5000 (extendable)
    • Other functions: safety helmet detection, glasses detection

    4. What are the main features of the Raymond Face Recognition Thermometer?


    Face are unique, can not be copied, and prevent counterfeiting


    No need to touch the equipment,it can be identified by entering the range, convenient for hygiene

    3.Diverse application

    Public cloud deployment, private deployment, LAN use, stand-alone use

    4.Various expansion

    Supporting the expansion of various peripheral devices such as ID card reader, fingerprint instrument, IC card reader, QR code reader, etc


    Different angles/different light/face changes can be accurately identified.

    6.High Accuracy

    Adopting high performance, infrared thermal imaging module, temperature measuring accuracy ±0.3℃.


    Support multiple API docking for secondary development

    8.Easy to collect

    No special equipment, mobile phone, and computer camera can collect faces anytime anywhere.

    5. How does the face recognition thermometer background process?

    6. What are the application scenarios of the Raymond Face Recognition Thermometer?

    All Aipak face recognition thermometer is suitable for school, dining hall, hospital, office building, custom, government facility, tourist resort, factory, construction site, nursing home.

    7. What does the standalone version mean? If the customer needs to check the data on the background server after measuring the body temperature on an 8-inch machine, does this refer to the online version? Can the customer's requirements be fulfilled?

    The single machine board is that the information is not connected to the server, only the data is saved inside the machine. data can be uploaded and copied via U disk. Our cloud platform is now only applicable at home, not abroad. A version of the client's local area network (LAN) is currently being developed, that is, the client's own server recognition thermostat) on the server.

    8. Is our current software can only support the attendance system?

    Support the measurement of attendance and temperature measurement data.

    Company personnel needs to input data in advance to carry out the comparative measurement. Or a stranger who opens the gate. You don't have to enter data.

    9. Do other functions require secondary development?

    Other functions need to be feasibility analysis before they can be secondary development.

    10. Are the two software functions of face recognition and temperature measurement separated?

    Face recognition and body temperature measurement software are integrated, and the stranger mode will not be diagnosed by the diagnosis personal.

    11. How can face recognition recognize strangers? Do you want to enter the data comparison first?

    The identification of strangers is a comparison of data, and the conclusion obtained by comparing with the data entered in the system. Data entry is required first.

    12. Where is the attendance data of the attendance software stored? Is it okay for a customer to store data on his own server?

    At present, the stand-alone mode is stored in the Android computer, and customers can download and copy it to the computer.

    Later LAN server versions can be saved directly on the server. Cloud data function, what we are currently doing domestically is stored in the cloud.

    13. If the customer is using a complete set of gate access control system, how is it connected to our machine? What do customers need to provide?

    The gate access control system, we have a relay signal to the gate to achieve access control. If it is a customer's gate, connect the relay signal on our access control mechanisms to control the gate switch. Turn on when power is on, and turn off when power is off.

    14. What is the general error of the measured temperature data?

    The general error of body temperature data is within ± 0.3℃

    15. Does it support outdoor models?

    Temporarily does not support outdoor models, mainly because the temperature measurement module is a sensitive component, and the accuracy of temperature measurement can be affected in outdoor direct sunlight and high temperature and high heat environments. It can only be a semi-outdoor model.

    16. Increasing the background check of the pass identification and comparison of pass records; increase the local face database to increase the ID display; increase the local company name setting; are these three functions for the attendance system?

    Yes, improve the interface settings, the function of stand-alone mode.

    17. Compared with the face recognition thermometer, what are the drawbacks of traditional access control and temperature measurement?

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