Raymond Fever Screening System

Raymond fever screening system is a high-tech product integrating advanced optoelectronic technology, thermal imaging technology, image processing technology, and control technology, characterized by its high sensitivity temperature measurement, intuitive thermal image, wide detection range, fast speed, noninterference with the target, and safe use. The core components of the system adopt an advanced uncooled focal plane detector and have a life of 40,000 hours with the temperature resolution reaching 0.05℃. As long as the target passes quickly within the detection range of the infrared thermal camera, the detector immediately displays the thermal image of the body surface and the highest surface temperature, which will be obtained by the operator. If a fevered person is encountered, the detector will immediately issue an alarm, effectively preventing cross-infection between the people.

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Fever Screening System:the Ultimate FAQ Guide in 2020

Here is a list of FAQs that will help you understand everything about the fever screening system.

In fact, they will get to know everything you want to ask about the fever screening system.

Also, they will help you become an expert in a distant infrared fever screening system.

Let's find more about this fever screening system:

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    1. What is Raymond Fever Screening System?

    Raymond fever screening system is short for  "infrared intelligent temperature detection system", which is a high-tech product integrating advanced optoelectronic technology, thermal imaging technology, image processing technology and control technology.

    The instrument has the characteristics of high-temperature measurement sensitivity, intuitive thermal image, wide detection range, fast speed, no interference with the measured target, and safe use.

    2. What are the main features of Raymond Fever Screening System?


    The human body surface temperature is measured within 0.5 seconds while the people passing through the field of view.

    2.Non-contact long-distance measurement:

    The human body surface is measured 3-12 meters away from the camera, which will not cause the subject to aversion and panic. The monitor can be at the remote control table to avoid cross-infection.


    The temperature resolution of the instrument can reach 0.05℃, which is suitable for detecting to pick out fever from safe place in sites with large groups of people.


    The temperature measurement is performed without people's knowing and does not affect the normal order of airports, train stations and other places.

    5.Rich peripheral digital interface:

    Provide infrared and high-definition visible light dual-channel network camera and high-definition digital image acquisition

    6.Good software UI interactive design.

    The software has been greatly improved in user experience, multi-visual presentation, arbitrary resolution display, and support for animation effect prompts, with strong operability, closeness, and sense of technology.

    3. What is the core technology of Raymond Fever Screening System?

    The core component of the system is the imported uncooled focal plane detector. The temperature resolution can reach 0.05 ℃ and the service life can reach 40000 hours.

    4. How does Raymond Fever Screening System do the temperature measurement?

    As long as the measured target passes quickly within the detection range of the infrared lens, the instrument immediately displays the thermal image of the human body and the maximum body surface temperature, and the operator can obtain accurate data.

    In the case of suspicious fever patients, the instrument will alarm immediately, effectively preventing the cross-infection between operators and stream of people.

    5. What is the Black Body of in Raymond Fever Screening System?

    The constant temperature blackbody is a special component of the system.

    It is powered separately and works independently. It is not physically connected to the infrared body temperature monitoring system, and only participates in the system software correction as a constant temperature heat radiation source.

    6. Why the Black Body is necessary for Raymond Fever Screening System?

    Without the black body, the measured temperature will be unstable.

    7. What is the Software interface of Raymond Fever Screening System used for?

    Raymond fever screening system software interface is a 19-inch 1280*1024 software startup interface,it is made by two parts, including the function navigation and video display area.

    While the video display area includes infrared real-time, video, visible light real-time video, infrared history, and visible light history.

    The function navigation functions include:shutter control,alarm switch,sound switch,video switch,system lock,network configuration,video adjustment,registration of temperature measurement parameters,general application configuration and others.

    8. How shall Raymond Fever Screening System contain the epidemic?

    Raymond fever screening system has been widely used to contain the epidemic.

    Through the big data cloud platform,internet+, Intelligence functions.

    Through the internet of things technology, a big data cloud platform connects all the infrared thermal imagers into the internet and realizes the remote commission, remote maintenance, remote monitor and management, abnormal temperature big date and intelligent application, and other relevant cloud services.

    Cloud platform reduces the threshold of equipment utilization and supplies multiple manners for prevention and analysis of epidemic.

    9. What application scenarios are the Raymond Fever Screening System suitable for?

    Our fever screening system is very suitable for use in places with large passenger flow, such as airports, stations, customs, entrances to enterprise parks and office buildings, entrances to schools and supermarkets, ports and hospitals, etc.

    Shenzhen Metro Group has purchased more than 200 sets of Infrared thermal imagers. These instruments are widely used for measuring the passengers' temperature in Metro Station, Railways Station, Airport. The measurement is very sensitive and does not has any contact with passengers.

    10. Why choose Raymond Fever Screening System?

    11. What should we consider when buying a Fever Screening System?

    One of the most important parts of the infrared fever screening system is the black body which we should consider. Without the black body, the measured temperature can't be stable. All of our products work with the black body and it can guarantee the precision of our equipment from 0.2℃ to 0.3℃.

    12. Can Raymond Fever Screening System be used outdoor?

    All Raymond fever screening system can be used outdoors with these conditions below: within the temperature of 0-30 degrees, the humidity of 85%, and the illumination of 30000 Lux and wind speed of level 3.

    13. What's the difference from other products on the market, such as the helmets, temperature measurement punched-card machine?

    Most of the temperature detection helmet doesn't have a black body, so the measure temperature accuracy is not so stable.

    As to the temperature measurement, punched-card machine is a kind of close, low-resolution infrared temperature measurement equipment that need to be close to the equipment to test body temperature one by one, and the efficiency is not high.

    14. What's the distance of the detection of body temperature Fever Screening System?

    Our body temperature fever screening system RMD-2005B can detect the temperature from 3 to 12m, the RMD-2005B/E can detect the temperature from 3-8m and the RMD-2005B/S can detect the temperature from 2-4m.

    15. How many types of Fever Screening System are there in Raymond?

    Raymond has three types of fever screening system.

    1.RMD-2005B Infrared-Body Temperature Rapid Screening Instrument

    2.RMD-2005B/E Infrared-Body Temperature Rapid Screening Instrument

    3.RMD-2005B/S Infrared-Body Temperature Rapid Screening Instrument




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