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You may encounter below problems from other fever screening products manufacturing companies include:

  • Equipment/machines too expensive with the same function.

  • Equipment/machines of low quality that need repairing regularly.

  • Display Performance can’t conform with standard requirements.

  • No or lack of technical support or delays in technical assistance.

  • Equipment/machine actual delivery ,installation time longer than guaranteed.

  • No standardized manufacturing process.

  • No or lack of formal quality inspection flow process.

  • No troubleshooting guidance.

  • Inappropriate regulatory process lead to incompatibility problems.

Raymond Solutions ensure:

Raymond offers below critical solutions to the fever screening industry:

  • Cost competitive equipment/machines with high quality.

  • Standardized equipment/machines that suit customer specific requirements and industrial setup.

  • Machines are of quality guaranteed with steady production capacity and performance.

  • 24/7 after sales service commitment and on live technical support from Raymond senior experienced technical team.

  • Timely solutions technical support team to decrease downtime.

  • Raymond senior sales assists to provide professional and appropriate device proposal and option.

  • All equipment/machines exported with easy to understand technical instruction and troubleshooting guidance.

  • On live and remote video technical support and guidance.

  • Qualified manufacturing procedure that meet with GMP,WHO and CE standards.

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