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Raymond Fogging Machine is a new product independently researched and developed by the company, which is currently the world's most advanced product of its kind. It uses modern rocket technology, with maintenance-free pulse jet engine, without any rotating parts in the whole machine and no need for lubrication system, whose character is simple structure, no wearing between components, low failure rate, long service life, easy maintenance, less fuel consumption, and high working efficiency. It is an ideal high-tech product for pesticide spraying, epidemic prevention, and disinfection.

Raymond fogging machine can be widely used for pesticide spraying for crops, economic forest, cotton, greenhouse crops, sanitation and disinfection for warehouse, wharf, army camp, city underground waterways, farms, passenger cars, residential areas, and city.

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Fogging Machine: The Ultimate Buying Guide in 2020

A fogging machine is a gadget that transmits a thick fume that seems like smoke or fog. The fog that is created by this fogging machine is most usually utilized in many of the applications. Nowadays, the less expensive and smaller fogging machines are getting very common for individual usage.

Fogging machines can likewise be found being used in many industrial usages, many different training, and some military applications. Regularly, mist or fog is made by  glycol-based or glycerin-based liquids and vaporized proprietary water or through the atomization (Process of breaking bulk liquids into small droplets) of mineral oil.

You just don’t need to worry about anything, how to atomize or vaporize it, this liquid   atomizes vaporizes inside the fogging machine. After leaving the machine and blending in with cooler external air the fume consolidates, and finally it makes the visible fog that is thick.

Let's dive right into the further without anymore delay. It will give you all the details whatever you need to know about the Fogging Machine or fogger to make your decision asap. Don’t worry, you are on the right page to know all about your next purchasing.

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    CHAPTER 1: What’s The Fogging Machine & Types Of The Fogging Machine? 

    Chapter 1 is all about explaining fogging machines from a different perspective. It also sums up the different types of available fogging machines available in the market and how they are different from each other.

    A fogging machine or misting machine is utilized to produce smoke or fog. It is an instrument that releases a thick fume which seems like fog or smoke. The fuel tank of a fogging machine is loaded up with a compound or chemical inside that machine. Fog or Haze that come out of the machine is produced from the machine utilizing either chilled or thermal capabilities. The temperature of fogging machines shifts as per the sort of chemical used to make fog. Various sorts of synthetic compounds are used to create different kinds of fog. These sorts of  machines are utilized to ensure the stock, plant, general public and so forth from bugs infection and mosquitoes as well.

    What is fogging Machine-Photo Credit: made-in-china

    The fogging machine sometimes also called fogger, is an adaptable equipment type that utilizes a fine spraying effect to apply on bugs or scent control. Whereas it has many other advantages and some of them are considered as for sterilizing, purifying, or for limiting the development of bugs, microbes, and Viruses.

    It is a most loved among event organizers, individuals who love tossing parties and many others. Besides, a large number of theaters, studios, and property holders use fog machines as well. A fog machine pumps fog fluid from a tank into a warmth exchanger which is then heated automatically. It transforms into a fume which is constrained through the machine’s results into the filling up a room.

    There is nothing to panic about how you will use that machine. A significant number of the nowadays models are easy to utilize. They come with a user manual which makes them easy to use.

    A detailed video about Fogging Machine in use:

    What are the different types of the fogging machine? 

    Choosing a right fogging machine is always important and here is what you can see which one is more suitable for you.

    There are two main types of the fogging machine and they are defined as:

    • Thermal Fogging Machine
    • Cold Fogging Machine

    Cold Fogging Machine-Photo Credit: dentagama

    Thermal fogging machine: A Thermal fogging machine could be compelling for using indoor as well as outdoor applications also. It is equipped for conveying both oil and water based synthetic compounds, similar to fungicide, pesticide, poultry immunization, disinfectant, miticide, and scent neutralizer. It helps in burning pesticide and makes fog that helps crush the bugs present in a specific surroundings. It is best when the air blows genuinely still. It could be mounted on vehicles for open air application and tremendously useful for bigger territories as it gives a speedy and powerful control.

    It runs on fuel and is outfitted with an electrically programmed Igniter, that just requires a finger press to run the machine, just pressing the button makes the machine start automatically. It also offers you a programmed cutoff device to offer more control to the client as it stops spraying promptly if any kind of mishap takes place. It is very simple to utilize and keep up. You could remain guaranteed that you get a solid and strong machine for your day by day application.

    Thermal Foggers (Photo Credit:insectcop

    Again according to their working process Thermal fogging machines has two more processes:

    Gas thermal fogging machine: It actually requires a gas cylinder (usually propane) and it is mounted on the fogging machine for using.

    Electric thermal fogging machine: Either batteries or electricity is being used in this type of thermal fogging machines. 

    Cold fogging machine: It is helpful for both indoor and open air applications. It runs on power and is utilized for ranch sanitization, plant assurance, put away items control, bug control, and so forth. To more readily control the pace of stream and size of the drop in the fog, it is finely outfitted with movable stream controllers. Some of them are manual whereas you also have the option of automatic, you could set the clock and it would shower according to the set timings. It additionally comes in large as well as the big sizes, that makes it truly reasonable for spraying in even the small spaces, particularly in the nursery to kill the pests in the plants, and plants ailment control. It is more important for splashing, at the same time it is a cost saving option.

    CHAPTER 02: Part Of The Different Type Fogging Machine & How Does The Fogging Machine Work?

    Chapter 2 is a brief detail about the parts of the fogging machine for you. It gives the insight of most common parts in each machine and their further explanation. In the end, it goes through the working of the fogging machine, how things work in the fogging machine and how exactly the fog is created in that machine.   

    What’s the main part of the different type of fogging machine? 

    There are many different parts of the fogging machine whereas still there are some machines which have the common parts. Here are some of the parts of the machine.

    Container: This type of the tank is used in the machine to hold the fogging solution in that. This tank is normally available in the base of the machine.

    Suction Part: This part of the machine actually helps in sucking the solution from the machine and it is sucked through a pump used in the machine to operate this function. You can suck the fogging solution from the base by this pump and I can move through necessary parts.

    Heat Assembly: It helps the system to heat and provide a certain temperature which later on produce the fumes due to this heat creation.

    Fogging Trigger: Fogging trigger used to trigger the fog.

    Power Cables/Batteries: Batteries or electricity varies according to the machine which machine you are using is used to give the power supply to the machines.

    Nozzle: This part of the machine is the last part from where it actually comes out in the form of drops.

    Most common parts in the fogging machine-Photo Credit: insectcop

    How does the fogging machine work?

    As it is shown by the name of that machine, a thermal fogging machine utilizes heat  to disintegrate a fogging solution. By and large, this fluid is a bug spray. It showers the solution out of the spout or nozzle of the fogger as a fog or a haze.

    Thermal fogging machines do have a capacity tank that can hold anyplace from about 1.2 L to 10 L of solution inside its tank. This container, which holds bug spray or other misting fluids, is situated on the base of most foggers. In some foggers, however, this holder is inside the body of the machine.

    The machine contains a suction operation mostly it is a pump used to send the solution used to create fog from the holder through the heat assembly, which is situated on the front of the fogger. The individual who uses this fogging machine starts this pump by squeezing the trigger used for fogging. For most thermal fogging machines, this misting trigger is under the handle of the instrument.

    • Propane foggers have an attachment for the propane gas chamber on the back of the fogging machine.
    • Fuel foggers have an enormous fuel tank on the fogging machine.
    • Electric foggers have an electric cable that should be connected to an electrical outlet for the fogger to work.

    At the point when the solution used for creating fogging enters the assembly of the heat, it passes through a coil that is at an extremely high temperature. This disintegrates the bug spray from its fluid state. This fume is then sprayed through the spout toward the finish of the fogger as a thick fog. For electric foggers, the assembly of the heat utilizes electric power to warm the coil while fuel and propane foggers use (gas or propane) to do as such.

    A detailed video how a fog machnine works:

    CHAPTER 03: Power Source of The Fogging Machine

    Chapter 3 is all about the power sources of the fogging machines. Fogging machines do have different power sources and they are of different usage as well. This chapter also explains what ate these sources and when they are used. 

    What’s the power source of the fogging machine?

    The power source of the fogging machine varies according to the machine and its usage capacity as well. There are factors that actually affect power source. For example, if your usage is more and you want a heavy machine, battery can’t be your  choice of course.

    A) AC Electronic: AC electric supply is used for the machines that are heavily used and power to this type of the machine is provided by the electricity. The voltage can be from 110-220 where power is around 900 W. In that case your heating will be around 3 minutes, whereas output time will be 20 seconds.

    Electric Fogging Machine-Photo Credit: Globalsources

    B) Diesel Oil : Diesel oil is used for the machines that are used in garden, agriculture and power to this type of the machine is provided by the diesel oil which is considered as high octane oil. A wide range of diesel oil foggers or fogging machine alternatives are accessible to you, for example, metal, plastic. You can likewise check pp, abs, and pvc diesel oil fogging machine, just as from garden, horticulture diesel hazing machine, and whether diesel fogger is backpack, trigger or pump.

    C) Battery: Battery supply is used for the machines that are different situations used and power to this type of the machine is provided by the battery. A wide range of battery-powered fogging machine battery choices are accessible to you. Battery Operated Fogging Machine with a higher fuel tank limit. You can use it in greater yards, nurseries and manufacturing plant conditions. Having a compound yield of 30lper hour, XXX organization is really appreciated for its proficiency and amazing performance.

    Raymond Battery Fogging Machines 

    CHAPTER 04: Spray Liquid Of The Fogging Machine

    Chapter 4 is more or less about the spray liquids used in those machines. In this chapter there are three different liquids that have been explained briefly. It has many different liquids to be used here we explained some for you.


    Mosquito Fogging Spray 

    What’s the different spray liquid of the fogging machine? 

    1. Insecticide

    Oil-base bug spray is made for Indoor Residential, Industrial and Institutional Use. It contains Natural Pyrethrins double synergized with Piperonyl Butoxide and MGK 264. Mistocide can be applied as a space shower (mist or fog) utilizing a fogging machine or as a direct contact splash (wet spraying) utilizing a tank sprayer. At the point when utilized as direct, it might be applied in Food handling plants, Hospitals, Restaurants, Motels, Hotels, Warehouses, Theaters, Apartment Houses and numerous different foundations. This item will control these bugs :

    Grain Weevils and their Larvae, Water bugs, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Fleas, Silverfish, Wasps, Spiders, Crickets available phases of Flour and Meal Moths, Ants, Houseflies, Fruit Flies, Chocolate Moths, Tobacco Moths, Tobacco Beetles, Cockroaches, Flour and Grain Beetles.


    Disinfectant misting includes fogging a whole place with a microbial substance that can purify and eliminate microorganisms from the air, just as from surfaces inside the room. This sort of huge scope sterilization measure is regularly done sparingly in high danger territories as a result of the danger of breathing in the disinfectant mixture. Regardless of these disadvantages, disinfectant fogging is profoundly successful at fighting microbes, especially those that are airborne or conveyed in respiratory drops, for example, the COVID-19 or flu virus and swine virus etc.


    Fogging Machine used for Disinfection

    C)HOCL Water:

    Environize Disinfecting Fogger Machines use hypochlorous acid or in other words HOCL haze sanitizer that is antimicrobial and eliminates microscopic organisms, infections, germs, and microbial spores. It is between 80 to 120 times more compelling than the same type of bleaching for disinfection. The hypochlorous acid mist or fog arrangement is biodegradable, naturally cognizant, and controls a wide range of hurtful microorganisms and hard to execute bio films.

    CHAPTER 05: What Is the Fogging Machine Used For?

    Chapter 5 is explaining application of the fogging machines. It has many different vital roles in the daily life application as well as, agriculture, combating covid 19 and much more. These are some of the applications explained, however, in general it does have many applications to be used. 

    A)For Covid-19: ULV Cold Fogging methods have been utilized for various years predominantly in the food making industrial facilities to tackle with the microorganisms, shape and buildup. Today with so numerous business premises having been shut due to Covid-19. It is a higher priority than any time in recent times for you to fog your office consistently to deflect the development of these microorganisms. It is also considered as a must to fog fundamental aspects of your system to amplify assurance for both staff and clients the same.

    B)For Home: When it comes to cleansing, the process of the fogging is an incredible asset that can support any business or home to keep up a significant level of sterilization. The favorable circumstances and effectiveness of mechanical quality can spare you time, work, and cash, yet regardless of anything else, it will give you satisfaction. Ongoing years have demonstrated that surface purification is a vital part to keeping up a protected situation for your visitors and customers. It is essential to take note of that in spite of the advantages of misting or fogging, it has not been demonstrated to prevent the Corona virus. 

    C)For Agriculture: Fog machines present the technology of droplet to the rancher, helping the accomplishment of ideal outcomes in a few circumstances from various plans. A few applications include: Potato crops, Grain stores,Tomato crops, Citrus crops and Tropical yields among others.

    A video of application fogger in Fields:

    Thermal Fogger used in the agriculture land-Photo Credit: agricultureexpert

    The use of bug spray, fungicide and disinfectants with Dyna-Fog ULV and misting or fogging apparatus brings about the chemicals being scattered rapidly and completely to give an amazing control.

    D)For Industry: A fog framework can totally fill the air with mist to force any kind of dust or sand to stop. Fog is actually so adaptable to the point that it tends to be utilized in a wide scope of uses: it's utilized for dust concealment, cooling, cleaning, humidifying, enhancements in craftsmanship, film, arranging and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

    Fogging Machine used for dis-infections and vaccine-Photo Credit: foggermachine

    A few utilizations of mist(fog) are more self-evident, for example, dust control and humidification. 

    E)For Hospital:

    • Spray-misting of Hospitals with a quaternary ammonium disinfectant was discovered to be a viable method for lessening the quantity of recognizable airborne and surface microorganisms.
    • Fog is a progression of the most recent advancements in ULV foggers that are utilized in showering of water and oil based fluids in fine molecule structure for cleansing, bug/germ/smell control applications and so forth.
    • Clean blinders, wall, and window curtains in understanding care centers for patients when these surfaces are noticeably polluted or dusted.

    Charter 06  FAQ for Fogging Machine 

    1.Is it difficult to use a fogging machine?

    Using a fogging machine is not rocket science. You don’t have to worry a lot about that. It is way easier to use than you think. We always try to deliver it with a user manual which is easy to understand and use of course. Once you will go through it you will get that on hand easily. There are some machines which are not very easy to use, so we can guide you well in that sort of machine. 

    2.What’s the price of the fogging machine? 

    Well, the price of the fogging machines may vary from machine to machine and the machine which you want to buy. For example, some machines are cheaper as compared to other expensive machines. The average price of the fogging machines are 370 to 1030 Dollars. 

    3.What’s the main spare parts of the fogging machine?

    There are many different spare parts of the fogging machine and they are very easy to find in the market. Specially chinese market is especially famous for that. The main spare parts of the fogging machine can be following: 

    • Nozzle
    • Water valve
    • Battery
    • Spark plug
    • Socket Wrench
    • High pressure part
    • Strap
    • Battery or Charge 

    4.Is there any difference between a smoke machine and a fog machine?

    No. All fogging machines having a warming component which is intended to work at a particular temperature. All fogging liquids have various attributes (enduring or rapidly scattering) and to get these qualities various blends of fog solutions substances are utilized. Each solution will have its own particular vaporization temperature.

    Even if  by chance  an inappropriate liquid is gotten through a mist machine or fogging machine it can possibly either under warmth the mist liquid or over warmth the liquid. In the event that haze liquid is under warmed you are probably going to make a wet fog, having a residue and so forth. In the event that you over warmth the haze liquid you can make a little bit dangerous type of fog. In either case the haze impact will be poor and will void any producer's guarantee.

    5.How to maintain the fogging machine?

    • Occasionally try to clean the tank utilizing a high temp water/cleanser. Completely open the machine valve and work the machine for 3 to 5 mins, flushing the mixture through the valve, lines, and nozzle.
    • Following 500 hours of activity, cautiously eliminate the blower assembly and analyze the brushes and the Commutator of the Blower engine, If the brushes are worm or harmed, change the brushes.
    • If there is a chance that it gets important to dismantle the establishment metering valve of cleaning, be mindful so as not to extend the metering hole or harm the shape of the valve stem. Doing so will influence the alignment of the machine.
    • After each utilization eliminate and clean the air in the taking channel on the back of the blower lodging utilizing a boiling water/cleanser arrangement.
    • Permit the channel to dry totally before attempting to work the machine.


    It is very critical to pick the best thermal fogger or fogging machine that is directly for your usage. You are accessible with various choices, however 50% of your activity is nearly done when you discover a well known company or organization. Aside from it, you have to follow some security measures to ensure that you take advantage of it. 

    If you are looking for a very reliable and quality fogging machine, you are just one step away to help you here. You will never regret your decision. We trust you found that it is both useful and supportive in narrowing down which fogging machine is most appropriate for your interest. We also believe you decide to purchase a fogging machine. Contact with us today and let us give you our various models ofdisinfection items. We make sure that whatever will be delivered to you will be high-end products and easy to use.

    If you think that you need any kind of assistance, call us for more details.We have the best products that would not only satisfy at the maximum level but also make it solve your problem you have been facing.

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