Application of infrared thermal imaging technology in industrial vision inspection

The transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry is imperative. Many manufacturers have begun to take action.

Countless intelligent factories will gradually spread in all manufacturing fields. In the future, more and more machines will replace manual labor, and even the entire manufacturing workshop will become no man's land. I

n addition to a variety of automation technology, information interconnection, robotics and other technologies, machine vision technology will also become an indispensable part of the intelligent factory.

In the big wave of industry innovation, the spark generated by the combination of infrared technology and machine vision will be the new direction of the infrared industry in the future.

Relying on the technology platform of Gaode infrared, the general transformed infrared thermal imaging technology into a high-tech technology that can serve the public and be more people-friendly.

Application of infrared in industrial vision inspection

1. Test the battery box

In recent years, with the support and encouragement of the state for new energy, new energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and the most important component is the battery box inside.

The existing method is to use the thermocouple to measure the electrode temperature, which changes with time, combined with current and voltage indicators to comprehensively judge whether the battery is faulty.

The change of the local temperature of the battery surface can be seen through the infrared thermal imaging image, which can indirectly feedback the change of the overall temperature of the battery.

Therefore, using infrared thermal images to detect the temperature change in the process of power battery charging and discharging is a more intuitive and comprehensive detection method.

2. Circuit board detection

With the development of circuit board manufacturing technology, the integration of electronic components is higher and higher, the circuit is more and more complex, non-contact fault diagnosis method has become an urgent need.

When an electronic component fails, there are two situations: one is a short circuit, the current is large and the component is hot; the other is when the component is open circuit, the current value flowing through the element is almost zero, so the temperature of the component is lower than that under normal operation.

Therefore, using infrared thermal imaging detection, we can judge the electronic circuit fault point through the temperature change, and the combination of infrared and AI technology can quickly and efficiently realize the quality control of the circuit board production line.

3. Solar photovoltaic power generation

As the photovoltaic power generation project is generally located in the remote area without obvious sunlight shielding, its large construction scale and remote location determine the complexity and difficulty of photovoltaic power station inspection work.

Once equipment failure or contamination occurs, it will lead to property loss and potential safety hazard.

Due to the large number of photovoltaic power station equipment, and affected by the terrain, some areas can not be reached manually, resulting in inspection blind areas, which is difficult to find the hidden dangers.

In addition, when the manual inspection meets the large-scale photovoltaic power station, the inspection frequency is difficult to meet the requirements, resulting in many power station faults that can not be found in time.

The combination of infrared technology and intelligent aircraft inspection can avoid the problems of low efficiency, high error rate, long inspection time, high risk, and so on.


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